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Compact Stumbling Rig

Jornada 568 w/ ORiNOCO Gold in PCCARD sleeve mounted w/ velcro to vent clip. The purple dome is a Royaltek Sapphire SiRF-II GPS. It's a compact little unit which has great sensitivity and acquires a fix very quickly.

Here is a cheap, clean, and simple way to mount the antenna:

View from outside:

Update 2002-06-07: I've replaced the patch with this toothpick I built instead. The gain is not as high but the omnidirectional beam picks up more AP's.

Right now I just have it sitting on the dash. One of these days it's going to poke my eye out when I hit the brakes hard. I need to put a blob of epoxy on that sharp tip and build a mount.

Update 2002-07-10: I've replaced the toothpick with my mobile mark clone. It seems to pick up more AP's.

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