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Change your Brain, Change your Life by Daniel G. Amen. - a very enlightening description of Amen's SPECT brain imaging studies. Includes brain prescriptions for quelling anxiety and panic, fighting depression, curbing anger, conquering impulsiveness, and learning to focus.

Getting Started with Neurofeedback by John Demos - a practical introduction to Neurofeedback, including tips for starting your own practice.

The Neurofeedback Book by Michael and Linda Thompson - comprehensive book on the principles and application of neurofeedback. If you can only afford to put one NFB book in your bookcase, this is the one.

The Open-Focus Brain by Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins - offers straightforward explanations and simple exercises on how to shift into a more calm, open style of attention that reduces stress, improves health, and optimizes performance

Free Software

NP2Rnd - Random Session Generator for Neuro-Programmer 2
SBaGen 1.4.3 for PocketPC - entrain your brain with binaural beats on your PocketPC
BioExplorer Data Dumper - save the raw data samples from BioExplorer, so that you can process them in the external program of your choice. Uses the Server Object. Source code included.

Commercial Software

Transparent Corporation - developer of great entrainment software, such as Neuro Programmer 2

Discussion Groups



A Skeptical Seeker visits the Biocybernaut Institute for Alpha Brainwave EEG BioFeedback - one man's journey into Biofeedback. Continued in More on BioFeedback
The Learning Curve - learn neurofeedback. Includes free resources, such as the TLC Assessment, which is an alternative to QEEG. Also, the best prices I've seen for the Pendant EEG and BioExplorer software

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